Cheat Codes are codes that can be entered in the options section to unlock a lot of stuff quicker.


  • PLAYALL Unlock all three cities, races and minigames in Story Mode and Arcade.
  • MATTEL07 Unlock all playable characters
  • INSTYLE Unlock all wheel sets
  • BUYTALL Unlock all concept art
  • ALLYORS Unlock everything in the game except story mode races
  • ZZOOOOM Infinite boost
  • 0TO200X Instant Acceleration (0 to 125 in 1/4 a second)
  • PAINTIT Unlock all paint styles for Lightning
  • VRYFAST Unlock expert setting in arcade mode
  • R4MONE Unlock All paintjobs
  • ENGINPWR Unlock Snot Rod (This code is not real, it is a fake rumor)

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