Emma is one of the new characters in Cars Mater-National. She is a very fast rally car from England.

Role in GameEdit

She first appears in the cut-scene for Rustbucket Race 1, where Tommy Joe, Lewis, Judd, Cletus, Buford, and Zeke were watching her. Then when she looked at them, Mater told the cousins to "Act Natural" and they jumped all over him, as if they were trying to keep Emma from seeing him.

She later appears in the cut-scene for Rustbucket Race 4, where she bumps into Mater, but on purpose, so she could talk to him. Mater said that he didn't feel anything. Emma said that he was tough, and that he thought he was very brilliant in his races. Then she realized that she didn't introduce herself, so she did. Then she went to go get ready. She raced in the race, and then in the end-scene, she asks Mater for a tour of the town, and Mater did.

She later appears in Stadium Race 4.

At the end, when Mater asks where Europe is, she says that it's just over the pond, which probably means across the Atlantic Ocean. Then Mater said that he can't swim.


  • Her license plate is "P33LIN".
  • Emma looks like Raoul ÇaRoule from Cars 2.