Frank is a character from the first Cars film. He is a giant harvester who protects the tractors from MaterLightning McQueen and their game, Tractor Tipping.

Role in GameEdit

Basically, Frank has the same role that he did in Cars: The Video Game. You tip tractors, and try to stay away from Frank. In this game, you'll also get caught if you go too fast on gravel for a long time. In the end-scene for the last level, Frank finds Mater and Lightning McQueen, so he chases them. Soon, they were trapped between a fence and Frank. However, Lightning uses his horn, and Frank actually tips over, making Lightning and Mater laugh.

This was the only time when Frank tipped like a tractor.


  • Frank resembles a bull in both appearance and personality (such as an insignia resembling a nosering and a pair of smokestacks resembling horns), but in El Materdor, all bulls are bulldozers.