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Vince, Barry, Sonny, Lightning McQueen


Chick Hicks

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Cars: The Video Game Cars: Mater-National Championship


[show]==Cars: The Video Game==


Lenny lives up in Queens, along with a small gang, himself, Vince, Barry, and Sonny. The Gang came to Radiator Springs to race against Lightning McQueen. Lenny speaks in a rough, angry voice. Vince and the gang stayed at Radiator Springs for a while. Lenny joined in a few races which involved Lightning McQueen. Lenny is very timid, and as a result, was too scared to race with Chick Hicks.

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He first appears as one of the speeders in one of the levels of Sheriff's Hot Pursuit.

He then appears in Ornament Valley Circuit where he challenges Lightning McQueen to a race.

He doesn't appear any more after that.

Lenny Cars VG

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In Cars Mater-National, he first appears racing in Fillmore's Nature Preserve. He then is your opponent in level 7 of Doc and the Law's Race 'N' Chase.

Lenny MN

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Lenny is likely to be a playable character in the upcoming Cars:IGNITE Remake, and would have played one of the main characters in a concept-stage fangame called "Vince and the 300000 Racketeers ths Video Game", a racing game set in a fiction town in Colorado called Queens, which was scrapped in favor of an idea called "Poliwrath Vs. Exploud". His uncanonic full name is "Lenny Y. OilDrazzle".

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  • Clarence Nash was perhaps Donald Duck's greatest voice actor of all time and was definitely thought to have voiced Lenny, but he was not credited.
  • Like how Pokémon can only say their own names, Lenny can only say "Good" and "Not Good".
  • in the PS3 version of Cars: Mater-National Championship, he has two black lines on his rear that don't appear in any other version of either game.