Lewis is a very childish cousin of Mater. His number is 81 (20 in Cars:IGNITE and Vince VG).

Lewis' Icon

Mater-National status icon

Cars: The Video Game Edit

Lewis appears in Rustbucket Race-O-Rama, he is not playable.

Cars: Mater-National Championship Edit

Lewis appears in rustbucket races 3 and 4, again unplayable.

Lewis vs Mater vs Buford

Lewis races against Mater and Buford

Cars:IGNITE Remake Edit

Lewis is under consideration of being playable, the makers of the "Poliwrath Vs. Exploud" fangame plan to model him with a lower chassis and ten exhaust pipes.

Vince and the 300000 Racketeers the Video Game Edit

Lewis would have been playable if the idea had not been scrapped.

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