Otto Von Flasenbottom

Otto Von Fassenbottom is a celebrity race car from the Cars Universe, and one of the new characters in Cars Mater-National.

Role in GameEdit

Otto first appears in the for North Willy's Butte where Sheriff pulls him over from speeding. Then Lightning McQueen came over and asked what the problem was. Sheriff said that he caught a speeder speeding. Otto says that he's a racecar, so he doesn't go slow. Then Lightning challenges him to a 3 lap race, and he asks Sheriff to join, which he did. After being beaten in the race, he wants to race again. Lightning tells him to take a break and see the town. He has a girlfriend named Jenny, who Lightning says he can't go back without a gift for her, so Otto went to visit Lizzie to ask for a tour, and about Stanley, and how things were different now to old days. Otto likes to sign autographs, and he has cruise control.

Otto could have come out of Lizzie's shop covered all over with stickers, since when Lightning and Doc Hudson were entering the stadium for the first time, he asks who that guy covered with stickers was, who was probably Otto, but could have also been a cameo of Chick Hicks.

Otto also appears in every Stadium Race and Luigi and Guido's Team Relay 4. He then is in the final picture at the end of the story.